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It so happened that I liked sex with children in two roles. I watched porn films of different types and different content but after long masturbation my penis, I went to the bathroom and " to" ass. my first toys were toothbrushes and Moms tampons. But I grew older and I wanted more. What once had a very erotic dream as if Im getting fucked in the ass a hand.

Rising from the bed I could not resist and immediately went into the bathroom. Taking it a comb with a ribbed handle great, I rubbed her ass cream with the scent of aloe and sat on the tub began to penetrate into themselves. When I did that I began to translational motion and of kaifa my legs were shaking. Ive never been so excited. after this three years I continued to fuck ass in the bath and get stoned.

But I have not felt this anal orgasm.

Then one day, for 20 years, I decided to go with the sex therapist and find out who I am.

Gay or bi. I told him everything that happened to me a doctor who listened and did not take his eyes off me. and asking what to do I began to wait for the verdict. I, however, it seemed then that he would teach me and instruct on the right path. Well . . what happened, but the contrary. - What do I do with this, the doctor . . ? - If you like it, then continue . . Im crazy on this response. - So what am I, with the men to fuck? - And why not?

It is also sex.

The more you like a passive role. - But Im not gay. !

I replied - Well, so what prevents you having fun? Be them. I do not know what to say. The doctor smiled and said. - You just need to start.

I understand that fear prevents you from finding a partner.

May I help you- tale he smiled, patted me on the shoulder. - I e? 2b longtime drug. Dumayu he agree to be your first man.

He loves like you) ) - What? I asked, embarrassed and blushing. - Passive boys, " said the doctor and smiled. - How do you tell me. anus, you have quite worked out for three years masturbation. And he is just big enough penis. U your complexion is not a small figure, but he is a master of sports bar and has the addition of Hercules. he is handsome and masculine. Hell fit like no other.

He is very experienced and gentle is he will make your first time memorable. - My God . . but how do you know? - Thats what the doctor said . . - - Ill give him your phone number and tell about you. I think he will accept. You should be prepared, ie: shave off all his hair in the crotch and the body. Make an enema, what can certainly eyelids, then it just your arms will be.

Ill give you anal plug and faloimmitator. you tube vsunete in ass and going to sleep with her the night before his visit. At faloimmitatore youll learn how to do blowjob. And he laid before me on the table anal plug medium size and faloimmitator with moving flesh and eggs. - His season with sperm and learn to swallow it. To do this, put pressure on the testicles.

He said and smiled. - Whereupon all Cyril call you today.

Be ready for a good night. Shocked and very excited, I went home. I digested all of the above in mind and thought. On the one hand Im a man and thats what gave me the doctor is depravity and horror. On the other hand I madly wanted to feel the pope, this male member, who loved me there all night.

To be honest I could not resist and asked parents to come home to go to the country.

I lied to them that come to me girl.

Ah, would know who they want me to come and that it will be up to me) ) evening I received a call Cyril. His voice was pleasant, baritone. - Hello, hello is D. . . ? he asked. - Yes, its me, hello Cyril. I replied, trembling with fear and excitement. - Dr.

Selivanov told me about you and Im ready to come to you tomorrow night and probably all night. - Good Cyril Ill wait for you in the evening. I gasped. - Very well, " he said, but my grenadier will be waiting for the moment when he could enter with a victory in your ass and love her all night. He said and hung up. I was beside myself with excitement.

With trembling feet and hands, I went to the bathroom. There I took a shower and warmed began to shave the entire body. Shaved myself, I looked in the mirror and gasped. I looked so tender and attractive, that could not resist and took faloimmitator and began to fuck them yourself. when Im sick, I shaved ass and made intimate pubic hair cut, leaving a triangle of hair. then I carefully washed her ass and Namazov lubricated bought for tomorrow night stopper pushed hard in the anus.

So I fell asleep. Waking up and realizing that the parents left, I took faloimmitator and began to learn to do blowjob. I turned on the porn and started to copy the movement of the actress. been good, I liked to suck and then insert a member into the throat and then his cheek. I liked to caress the tongue. An hour later, my classes, I decided to finish faloimmitatorom ( I poured it for its reliability sperm) and clicking on the eggs injected sperm into his mouth.

It turned out spectacularly. It flowed across his throat and tit ( they have me a little fatty, and large) down to the bellybutton. Then I stuck the cork ( to sleep with her was fun) and again made an enema. I began to prepare for the arrival of Cyril. I set the table in the bedroom, laid on the bed of fruit brandy and prezikov.

Meanwhile, already getting dark and I started to introduce marafet. I nakrasili with 5 times the sponge and powdered face.

My hair is long so that I stopped there. Then I took the panties out of the closet, and Mom started to choose. I stopped at the red lace G- string panties. They are very nicely concealed my cock, slightly exposed the my " love" triangle of hair on the back and lobochke gum very sexy cut into my buttocks.

Sitting on the bed, I began to wait. An hour passed and I decided that he would not come. " Well, for the better" I thought.

But then the door bell rang.

At first I looked through the peephole and saw a tall and stately man of about 40 - 35 with a mustache and a beautiful face. He had broad shoulders and muscular legs.

I am discouraged to open. The door opened and I was stunned, " God this is it.

This is it, I thought, those who today trahnet me in the ass and make gay liability. How beautiful it is I myself wanted to have it" He walked and smiled at me. - So here you are, " he said ulybayas.

Ya silence and fear made my legs numb - Fear not, the tale he hugged my waist. We are now very well spend vremya. Ty I already like you very much. You are very beautiful and sexy. my heart felt lighter. I said - You, too, I really like.

I do not know where to start. - Do not worry, Ill do it myself. And now I get undressed and well take dush. Skazal he took off his jacket stroked my face. Then he kissed me occlusive and his hand fell on my ass.

He began gently kneading her and stroked. from such turn of events my penis stood up and almost imperceptibly protruded from the strings. I never kissed any one girl. What he vytvoryayu!

Played with my tongue, kissed my neck and then started playing with tits, gently sucking nipples. I just breathed noisily and sometimes groaned. Then he patted my ass went with me into the tub. By the way, I buckled under foot, probably from the excitement he just hugged me tight and whispered in my ear all sorts of nonsense - Well, youre my Honey. you

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